Here’s the curious thing.  I have been recruiting for over a decade in Canada, and in that time have filled less than 5 ethnic  or multicultural marketing roles.  There seems to be an incongruency here.  Right here in Toronto, in the past four years, the local American Marketing Association Chapter has been hosting a series of very successful and bustling round table panel discussions that tackle the topic.  At the same time there has also been a slew of Ethnic marketing Ad Agencies and consultancies that have popped up as if over night… So why has the same not happened on the hiring front?

Looking at LinkedIn Jobs posted in Canada as an example, today November 19 2015, over 10,040 Jobs pop up when using the search term “marketing”.

If using the search term “ethnic marketing” and “multicultural marketing” the combined results are 158.  But throw those search terms into the “title” search and only 3 jobs are listed, all at Grocery companies and are related to the Food being marketed… does that even count?

These are some of the questions I would like to ask at the next round table.  AMA Toronto once again will be hosting their Multicultural Marketing series on November 24th.  The Panel includes senior Marketing leaders from Kruger Products, The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Canada Post.

Tickets are available Here