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Move over Agencies – Clients are taking things ‘​In-house’​

I’m a notorious resolutionist (a made up word for someone who makes resolutions) and an eternal optimist, which combined draw fanfare from some, and disdain from a fair few, but I’m okay with that.

For me, being reflective presents opportunities for taking new approaches and directions – or in our case recognizing that we were already doing something pretty extraordinary, we just needed to start talking about it.

Our business vision is to be the destination for passionate Marketers who want to win.

This includes attracting and supporting marketing professionals & leadership, industry associations and the companies they help grow. We are not just here for the job seeker.

As I mentioned above I alluded to the fact that we were already doing something extraordinary…

You may have heard there’s a big scary trend happening in the Marketing Industry being dubbed ‘The In-House Invasion’ by the likes of Campaign Magazine.

At AMA’s December Agency panel, three of the five CEO speakers all separately lamented about the growing trend of clients bringing resources in house to shore up agency expenses.

Strategy Magazine also reported on this trend in their Start, Stop, Change article. Senior Marketers Nancy Marcus of Kruger Canada & Tracey Cooke of Nestle both agreed on the issue.

Marcus: You don’t need it. You’re doing a shoot, you need A and B. Don’t give me five levels of the accounts and then the trainee.

Cooke: They’re built on that model though. The model is broken, I really believe that.

And guess what, those clients have been turning to us to help them do it. Without even realizing it, this ‘segment’ represented close to 70% of our revenue in 2016.

Why is this happening? The agency model is partly to blame. Ultimately this solution presents a more agile & less expensive approach with the added benefit of keeping closer to the customer.

The biggest obstacle is how to do it, and that’s where we come in.

Do you know anyone who might be interested hearing more about our ‘In house’ model or general marketing hiring? I’d love for the introduction.

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