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How to Network & Land a Job Using Twitter

Twitter is no longer about getting as many followers as possible. Yes, that is what many of us (including myself) assumed when we first started out. We then quickly realized that it’s not easy to get 1,000 or even 100 followers within a few months without a lot of work and some questionable tactics. Thankfully we are starting to understand that what is important for in-person networking is just as important digitally. The human element is becoming more and more important in social media as people begin to realize that social networks come and go but as humans, we remain the same. Even with a good handle on networking in general, we need to be strategic on Twitter for making better business connections and finding opportunities. By following the steps laid out in this article, I guarantee you will start to notice the real networking value of Twitter.





Begin by thinking about the type of followers you want. You’ve got this huge opportunity to let others see you exactly how you want to be seen. Think about why you started to use Twitter and what type of individuals you want to interact with. Come up with a few key words that you know will be found in the profile description of the users you want to connect with. Make sure these keywords summarize your professional self and cover as much of your professional experience as possible. These keywords are so critical in determining the type of followers you will get and the likelihood that users will follow you back.

For example — I can summarize my valuable followers by these keywords: Digital Marketing, Social Media and Advertising. I am certain that I want my followers and professional connections to have these words in their profile.


Many people jump right into the Twittersphere because everyone else is doing it without really having a plan or goal in mind. I’m not saying you have to set concrete follower goals or track your personal account with analytics (although many do) to be successful. I’m simply reminding you that just because Twitter is free to sign up for, you must consider the amount of time spent and the resulting payoff. If you can make one lasting professional connection a week within your community, your time is already paying off.





Too many times I see people who flood their Twitter bio with 5-10 hash tags and no description or elaboration on what they are all about. If you want to be seen as a lifeless Twitterbot with no personality, then this is what you should do. On the other hand, I see people who try and leave their bio so vague (at an attempt to be creative) that no one could decipher what their interests are or what they do professionally. These are both great ways to remain completely hidden on Twitter.


The rest of us humans, who crave social interaction, will want to create a level of personality and professional direction within our bio. This is where you need to integrate those 3 keywords from above in writing your bio. If you’re reading this article then you’re probably interested in connecting with more people in your professional field with hopes to land a job or make meaningful connections. In this case, I recommend dedicating 75% of those 180 characters to your professional career. With the remaining 25% let people know what you love to do after 5:00pm. I recommend leaving hash tags out of your profile all together unless there is 1 aspect you really want to highlight. Above all, show you’re passionate about what you do.


As your Twitter network begins to grow, you want to be able to leverage it among your other social profiles. One way to do this is to add a shortened link to your LinkedIn profile so that everyone who connects with you through Twitter will be able to validate your work. This increases your exposure and chances to connect with other professionals. If you have room it’s also be beneficial to add the handle of your current employer. One thing…make sure your LinkedIn profile (or whatever profile you link to) is completely filled out. But you’ve already done that right?

Great bio example: Brand #Marketing Manager for @companyname with Social Media and Advertising experience | Connect on LinkedIn | Love design & photography

Bio summarizes:
• Your current professional work
• Professional experiences that your job title doesn’t explicitly say
• How to connect with your professional profile
• Passion and hobbies





There is no better place to start finding your “type” of followers than looking to those who are most influential within your field of work. Just do a simple user search using the keywords you came up with from above and choose an influencer within your field that has a great follower to following ratio (more followers vs. following). You now have someone to compare your profile to and figure out what aspects you need to modify and improve. Start looking through the influencers followers and make sure you’re seeing the same keywords found in your bio. One thing to keep in mind is that an influencer with 3,000 targeted followers who lives in your area is more valuable to you than someone with 50,000 followers who travels all over the world because you want to tap into your local business community.


Too many Twitter users just sit back and wait for others to find them. Most of the time when people do this, they’re getting followers who follow every single account they come into contact with and add absolutely no value. You need to let people from your industry know “I’m here!” and you can do this by following a modest amount of users at a time. I’m NOT saying you should follow as many people in your network as possible and unfollow those who don’t follow back. I’m saying follow around 25 people (maybe those who follow your influencers) who have similar keywords as you, interact with them and let them know you’re here for business.

If they don’t offer any value to your Twitter feed within a few weeks than you should unfollow them and look for those who do. This process takes time and must be done in moderation…don’t get carried away or your Twitter account will be suspended! If there are users who don’t follow you back but you know will be beneficial to connect with then retweet, reply and mention them so they can recognize who you are. Don’t get carried away with this either – some people will just never follow you back.

If you stay focused, goal oriented and continuously make adjustments as you grow your Twitter network, I guarantee you will make valuable professional connections and even get job opportunities! Happy Hunting — Please let us know how these tactics worked for you!

Article Written by Kevin Hurley 

Social Media & Marketing Guy at Marketing Talent Inc.

 Twitter: @iamkevinhurley



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