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How To Deal With Network Marketing Haters

It’s no secret that network marketing has its share of critics. And at a time when everyone seems to feel like it’s their civic duty to share their opinion on anything and everything, it’s very common to come across these critics when marketing your business. Since dealing with critics in your network marketing career is inevitable, it’s a good idea to consider the ways to deal with these haters while maintaining your drive for success.

Why Do They Hate?

Oftentimes, people who criticize network marketing have had some kind of experience with the industry in the past that has left a bad taste in their mouth. Here are 3 of the main types of haters you’ll likely encounter.

1. They Have Experience in Network Marketing

Some of the haters you come across will be very well-versed in the practices of network marketing (or at least believe that they are) because they have experience in the industry. In previous decades, pyramid schemes were common, and not every company that touted themselves as a network marketing company was in fact legit, so perhaps this hater was a victim of one of these shady companies. Even more possible, they went into network marketing with certain expectations, and things didn’t turn out the way they expected, probably because they were unprepared or expected this kind of work to be easy.

When dealing with a hater that has network marketing experience, it’s important to not let their experience change the way you view your business or your own success. There is good and bad everywhere, and perhaps this person didn’t do their research prior to signing up, or was one of the unlucky few who fell prey to a dishonest company. Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand that their experience is not your experience, so don’t let their frustrations weigh you down and discourage you.

2. They Have Been Harassed by a Pushy Representative

Not all network marketing representatives are created equal—everyone goes into the business with their own goals, dreams, and plan of action. We all have those friends we try to avoid because every time we see them, they’re trying to get us to buy something. It’s likely a hater who discards you as a pushy salesperson has had bad experiences with friends and family in the network marketing industry in the past.

When you come in contact with this kind of hater, remember that their criticism has nothing to do with you—it has to do with their past experience with network marketers. Don’t take what they say personally. As long as you feel comfortable in your sales methods and they’re working for you, there’s no reason to let their opinion change the way you do business.

3. They’re Jealous of Your Success

These are the worst type of haters. Jealousy can lead a person to do horrible things, and someone who is perhaps envious of your business and the life you’re able to lead as a result of your success may try to tear you down in every way possible, just to leave you discouraged. It can be difficult to pick these haters out initially since they may or may not have past experience with network marketing, but once you realize their motives, you’ll know exactly who they are.

Since these haters will likely launch any kind of attack possible to leave you feeling less than and defeated, it’s important to limit your interaction with them—you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Talk to your mentors, upline, and team members to gain perspective and remain focused on your goals. It’s important to always remember why you got into network marketing, and keep feeding that fire inside of you.

There’s No Use Trying to Convince Them

When you encounter a network marketing hater, it’s important to not let their criticism and harsh remarks get you down. Rather than trying to argue with them or convince them that the company you work for is different, and you are different, it’s like discussing politics—someone set in their views is never going to change them just because you share your story of success. Why waste your time arguing with one person who will never join your team or try your product when there are hundreds of others out there who will?

Keep your head held high, continue working hard, and be happy in your success—you’ve earned it!

Cassie Bernat is a social media marketing professional currently working as the Social Media & Content Marketing Manager at ACN in Concord, NC. She has 5 years of social media marketing experience for brands like Chiquita, Fresh Express, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, and Rack Room Shoes. Cassie is originally from Indiana and is a huge Notre Dame and Colts fan. Cassie currently calls South End, Charlotte home and loves every part of the ever-changing neighborhood.



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